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Planning a commercial roller shutter?

The planning stage of any new commercial construction is potentially an exciting time as this is when the conceptual foundations are laid down, for more concrete foundations to come in the future.
With the right planning, both functionality and aesthetics can be optimised for an office, warehouse or workplace. Well-chosen additions add value to the property, and streamline productivity and convenience in the workplace for all who come there.

It is an efficient and worthwhile inclusion in the planning stages of any commercial construction to provide for security and convenience-enhancing features to be incorporated from the outset.

In particular, it makes sense to plan for appropriate, specialised window and door fittings where needed: Roller Shutters for carparks and exterior covers, Fire Doors, Security Doors and Fire Exit Gates are all features that can enhance the useability and practicality of your new workplace building.

When planning, think about questions like:
• What rooms, floors or areas might need special fire-proofing?
• How can access to stock and important records be better restricted or protected?
• Where is it important to allow for good ventilation, while retaining the ability to close off areas from public access?
• How can you maintain but regulate the flow of movement in and out of your building in the best ways?

These are just some things to consider, but by planning ahead of time, rather than as ad hoc afterthoughts and additions, you can effectively “hardwire” extra levels of protection, ease and strength in, to support the important work your new building will be accommodating.

There’s no doubt that roller shutters and doors provide strength and security for a commercial building. By using remote control, card readers, mill keys or induction loops, the convenience of operations can also be increased, improving efficiency and security all at the same time.

Getting into finer details, Windlocks should be considered if you’ll need a firmer hold for roller doors or shutters. If your building is in a place that can be exposed to high winds or storms, these little extras can make all the difference. In aviation settings, where helicopters or aircraft generate high winds, Windlocks can keep shutter doors in place where they might otherwise give in to such exposure—Worth bearing in mind if your business is set in these kinds of conditions or circumstances.

Even finer details still, your colour choices can make a splash or a statement too! Colour can have subtle psychological effects or can be used for very intentional branding and interest. Even though commercial constructions sometimes tend to lack flair, there are terrific options available for those who would like to apply some creativity and spark to their new designs. Check out for instance the bright and effective range of colours on offer for roller shutters and gates. With inspiring colours like available, your commercial design can be a stand-out and attract a lot of positive attention. So don’t be afraid to add some pizazz where you can!

The end result all starts with the planning, and nobody knows your business as well as you do. What needs protection? What needs streamlined access?
You can plan ahead, knowing that there are viable options available to build strength, safety and solace into your designs.

Here at Able Doors. We have been manufacturing, installing and advising on a solid range of durable fittings like commercial doors, fire doors and roller shutters, for decades. Our staff are skilled and happy to help make your commercial design plans a reality.