Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms of acceptance of this quotation remain valid for one month from the date hereof and acceptance thereafter is subject to the right of Able Door Services (NSW) P/L. to revise prices and terms quoted.
  2. Delivery will be subject to the manufacturers loading at the time the order is placed, but normally will be 10-12 working days from receipt of an official order or progress payment and time when accurate site measurements can be taken.
  3. The opening should be correctly prepared for the products quoted in size, detail and suitability as no responsibility of any kind is accepted for any damage or inability to install arising through any unsuitability of the opening or building.
  4. Further to term 3 above, Able Door Services (NSW) P/L. will not accept any responsibility for the malfunction of an installation or improper operation caused by the incorrect work of others.
  5. Prices are based on access, normal working conditions, electricity and other necessary requirements being made available on site. Provision has not been made for any special site conditions or allowances that may apply.
  6. Any delays causing extra time on site, out of Able Door Services (NSW) P/L.’s control where openings are not ready as promised or where clear access is not provided for will be charged for at an hourly rate.
  7. All care but no responsibility is taken for damage to glass, plastic, signs, shop fittings etc.
  8. Orders placed in writing or verbally, cannot be cancelled. Able Door Services (NSW) P/L. will negotiate to cease work and a minimum charge of not less than 30% of the quoted sum will be paid by the purchaser.
  9. Installation will be carried out as close as possible to the requested dates but no responsibility will be taken for any claims associated with failure to comply with agreed installation date.
  10. For industrial/commercial installations requiring a roller shutter to be motorized, the motor will be fitted by Able Door Services (NSW) P/L. However the mounting of starting stations and all electrical wiring and limit adjustment must be carried out by a licenced electrician
  11. Retentions will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  12. Warranty on all installations is covered by the specific manufacturer’s conditions but is usually 12 months parts and 3 months labour on domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Warranty on High Cycle Car park doors (40+ cars per day are covered for 3 months parts and labour). Please note that we highly recommend that ongoing services are carried out to maintain a highly functioning door. Car park doors are recommended to be services every month and factory doors are recommended yearly.
  13. Roller shutters that are painted by Able Door Services (NSW) P/L. must be left 3-5 days to allow paint to cure. Operation of doors during curing time will void paint warranty.
  14. Please note that all accounts with Able Door Services (NSW) P/L are strictly 7 days unless otherwise approved. Payments must be paid within our trading terms and if we do not receive payment your account may be passed onto a third party for recovery. We are also a member of Creditor Watch and any bad debts are passed and placed onto a bad credit register. 
  15. Able Door Services (NSW) P/L does not wait for insurance claims
  16. Safe Work Method Statements are to be organised upon approval of any job that is required. We must also be informed of any inductions at the time of quoting.
  17. Additional costs may be incurred on top of the quoted amount if Able Doors have not been notified of any induction requirements prior to the quote being accepted.
  18. Additional costs may be incurred on top of the quoted amount if Able Doors have not been informed of Safe Work Method Statements being required prior to the quote being accepted.

PDF copy you can download it here.