Windlocked Roller Shutters

Windlocked Roller Shutters

For any roller shutter you install, consider the added advantages of a windlocking mechanism to help further safeguard it when closed. In tempest conditions, even strong building materials can get caught up and blown by high winds. In situations and locations where extreme wind and weather conditions are possible or likely, the windlock is a viable safeguard to keep shutters firmly closed.

Why Choose Windlocked Roller Shutters?

When it comes to finding the right option for protection and strength Windlocked Roller Shutters have you covered.

These shutters are also among the strongest and most robust of our product range with increased resistance to forced entry. Their construction makes them almost impossible to penetrate, providing peace of mind in that your property is secure from undesired intruders.

With the noise reduction abilities, our Roller Shutters can also create peace and quiet if desired for your space too.

The design can be tailored to suit your preferences and provide a perfect balance between ease of use, safety and a beautiful modern look.

The Australian military have used our windlocked roller shutters to successfully hold tight, tarmac constructions exposed to the high wind strength of large helicopters and aircraft landing and taking off. As seen in this video, the windlocks firmly hold doors that could otherwise be blown in by the force of winds.

When constructing our windlocked roller shutters, Able Doors use a specially designed locking mechanism, along with curtain guides and steel end clips that interlock and hook together for superior strength and hold.

Features and Benefits


The Lock system in our Windlocked roller shutter is designed to protect your property from high winds make your property more secure especially for industrial or commercial properties.

These shutters are uniquely designed to reduce any attempt by burglars to break them no matter how hard they try to gain access. Our roller shutters also have a very smooth operation and are easy to open for added convenience.


Combining their elegant looks along with various customisable options, they can add to any buildings visual charm.

Custom manufactured with quality materials, right here in our Sydney factory in Wetherill Park, Able Doors’ windlocked roller shutters provide a protective solution for extreme conditions. If you are dealing with the unpredictability of severe weather conditions, or the predictable pressures of high wind force areas, it makes sense to cover your bases with Able Doors’ windlocked roller shutters.

Custom options

The shutters can be supplied as solid steel, or customised with slots or perforations for ventilation, to achieve up to a 37% airflow where needed.

We use conventional sprung drums or Dead Lift motor gear boxes with safety brakes to provide quieter motion when opening and closing. Anti-rattle devices can be fitted into the guides to further reduce the roller shutter’s operation noise. You can choose head or side panel construction, manual by motorised operation, and the bottom rail has an optional rubber weather seal available, and even a brush strip for vermin control.


We offer a range of colour options in Dulux powder coating, galvanised finish or polyurethane.


Able Doors’ roller shutters come with a 12-month warranty or 50,000 cycles for added peace of mind.


Make sure your door is safeguarded with Able windlocks today. Give us a call at our Sydney office on (02) 9757 1877 if we can help with more information or a quote on your project.

Materials and sizes

  • We use galvanised steel in gauges from 0.8mm to 1mm and extruded aluminium or steel for the bottom rail and the interlocking curtain slats, which vary in size as follows:
    • 50mm slat profile – for light Industrial applications
    • 75mm slat profile – for medium Industrial applications
    • 100mm slat profile – for heavy Industrial applications
  • The curtain interlocks with the bottom rail and slats are strengthened with steel or nylon end clips for strength, ease of motion and noise reduction.
  • The guides are folded steel G sections available in 100mm deep x 32mm wide.
  • The drum is manufactured from galvanised steel tubing of custom diameter size and thickness appropriate for the size and application of your project. The drum has self-lubricating bearings turning on a steel shaft with helical springs so as to counterbalance the weight of the curtain, for easier operation.
  • Locking has sliding shoot bolts, hasp and staples and with optional automatic gearbox, working in conjunction with Logic Control System, PE safety beam and handsets, or wired into you access control system.