If you accept your quotation within normal business hours (9am-4pm Mon-Fri) you should be contacted by our team members on the same day.
If you accept your quotation outside these hours you should be contacted the next business day.
Our team will contact you for the initial payment as described in your quote from Able Doors

If you have an account from Able Doors our team will contact you to let you know that the acceptance has been received and that it is being processed.
Once the aaplication has been received Able may have to complete a final check measure on the site, if this is required then our team will contact you with as to when a representative will be at your site to complete this.

If no check/measure is required, we will start making your product.

A standard galvanised roller shutter ordered should be manufactured to your specifications within 2 business days.

For a powdercoated roller shutter this should be completed within 4 business days.

Once your roller shutter has been manufactured our team will contact you to arrange the installation at time that suits you.

The payment terms will be defined on your quote and your sales representative can provide you with any other information in relation to your payment terms.