Steel Roller Shutters

Industrial strength shutters for a range of applications

Steel roller shutters are a practical and versatile choice for a wide range of uses in industry. You’ll see them in shopping centres, concessions, warehouses, shopfronts, workshops and so many other places. If you have a doorway or window to cover, Able Doors have something for you.


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Protection in so many ways

Steel roller shutters are a perfect way to protect and against storms, hail, wind and weather. They regulate ingress, resist fires, keep intruders at bay, insulate from heat and cold, and can also provide privacy, light screening and sound buffering.

A well-established, local business, Able Doors custom build your shutters locally, right here in our factory at Wetherill Park, Sydney. We use quality materials for a strong and versatile product that is easy to repair. And we have a wealth of expertise in what we do. We’ll design and build to your requirements for doorways or entry points on your industrial, commercial premises.


When airflow is required or desired, custom ventilation slots or perforations are available as options. These can be created at any interval specified. Talk to us about what you need.


Choose from a range of colour options in Dulux powder coating, galvanised finish or polyurethane, (which is painted on site).


Able Doors’ steel roller shutters come with a 12-month warranty or 50,000 cycles for added peace of mind.


Call Able Doors today on (02) 9757 1877 to discuss or plan new industrial steel shutters.

Materials and sizes

  • We use galvanised steel in gauges from 0.6mm to 1.2mm and extruded steel for the bottom rail and the interlocking curtain slats, which vary in size as follows:
    • 50mm slat profile – for light Industrial applications
    • 75mm slat profile – for medium Industrial applications
    • 100mm slat profile – for heavy Industrial applications
  • The curtain is attached on every second slat with a steel or nylon end clip for ease of motion and noise reduction.
  • The guides are folded steel C sections, available in 75mm deep x 30mm wide or 100mm deep x 30mm wide.
  • The drum is manufactured from galvanised steel tubing of custom diameter size and thickness appropriate for the size and application of your project.
  • The drum has self-lubricating bearings turning on a steel shaft with helical springs so as to counterbalance the weight of the curtain, for easier operation.
  • Locking is with sliding shoot bolts, hasp and staples, and an optional automatic motorised locking mechanism is available.

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Versatile, custom-built options

  • All sizes
  • Ventilation options
  • Colour and finish options
  • Motorised operation and locking options
  • Head or side panels
  • Bottom rail options include rubber weather seal and brush strip for vermin control
  • Standard or reverse rolled mounting
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