Fire Shutters


Able Doors supplies a 2 and 4-hour rated roller shutter certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science & Engineering in accordance with Australian standard 1530 – methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, part 4, 2005.
Fire Rated Roller Shutters (also known as Fire Doors in some markets) are used where there is a high fire danger or open areas where a fire cannot easily be contained. Fire shutters close automatically at a controlled rate when activated to prevent fire from spreading. They are also known as Fire Doors but these are generally smaller in size.
They can be used in a large range of applications such as shopping centres, supermarkets, office blocks, and especially factories / warehouses where flammable materials are stored and used.



Maximum Height – 3600mm
Maximum Width – 3600mm
Total door size must not exceed 14m2


Maximum Height – 5000mm
Maximum Width – 8000mm
NB: Oversize doors must be fitted with drenching and sprinkler systems.
Curtain – Both Standard & Oversize

The curtain is manufactured using 100mm x 1mm thick roll-formed galvanized steel slats, with alternate slats fitted with steel-end clips.

Bottom Rail – standard

The bottom rail is made up of T section, comprising of not less than 40mm x 40mm x 4mm steel angle.

Labelling/Compliance Certificates

An Able Fire Rated Roller Shutter is labeled with a metal steel tag, which is stamped with the manufacturer’s name, fire rating, door number and
year of manufacture. All Fire Rated Shutters are accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance.