Fire Shutters

The perfect solution to protect areas where you store or use flammable materials, where a high fire danger exists, or in those open areas where a fire cannot easily be contained. When activated, our fire shutters close automatically at a controlled rate to prevent the fire from spreading.

Also known as Fire Doors, (though these shutters are generally larger), they are fully customisable, and can operate like a standard roller shutter, or can be designed to go over doors where added protection from fire is desirable. Options include a hood/canopy or head panels.

Labelling/Compliance Certificates

Able Doors’ Fire Rated Shutters have been tested and certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science & Engineering, in accordance with Australian standard 1530.4.2005. Choose from our fire shutters built with ratings of either 2 or 4 hours.

All our Fire Rated Shutters are accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance and come labelled with a metal steel tag, stamped with the manufacturer’s name, fire rating, door number and year of manufacture.


Motorised, with an automatic closure function in the event of a fire, our Fire Rated Shutters come with a fusible 71-degree Celsius link which can hold open and interface with your smoke detectors or fire alarm system.

Standard or Oversized

Standard sizes available in in heights and widths of up to 3600mm x 3600mm, with a maximum total door size of 14m2.

Oversized shutters available in heights of up to 5000mm and widths of up to 8000mm. Oversized shutter doors must be fitted with drenching and sprinkler systems.


We offer a range of colour options in Dulux powder coating, galvanised finish or polyurethane.


Able Doors’ roller shutters come with a 12-month warranty or 50,000 cycles for added peace of mind. Subject to annual testing and recertification.


Don’t take the risk! Install Fire Rated Shutters to protect your assets and personnel.

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Materials and sizes

  • The curtain is manufactured using 100mm x 1mm thick roll-formed galvanized steel slats.
  • The curtain interlocks with the bottom rail and every second slat is attached with steel or nylon end clips for strength, ease of motion and noise reduction.
  • We use galvanised steel in gauges from 0.8mm to 1mm and extruded steel for the bottom rail and the curtain slats.
  • The bottom rail contains a T section of not less than 40mm x 40mm x 4mm steel angle.
  • The guides are folded steel C sections available in 75mm deep x 32mm wide or 100mm deep x 34mm wide.
  • The drum is manufactured from galvanised steel tubing of custom diameter size and thickness appropriate for the size and application of your project. The drum has self-lubricating bearings turning on a steel shaft with helical springs so as to counterbalance the weight of the curtain, for easier operation.
  • Locking has sliding shoot bolts, hasp and staples and with optional automatic gearbox, working in conjunction with Logic Control System, PE safety beam and handsets, or wired into you access control system.

Protection for:

  • Flammable materials areas
  • Important document and data storage rooms
  • Factories, workshops and storerooms
  • Commercial and industrial spaces
  • Shopping centres, supermarkets and clubs

Fire Rated Shutters

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • 2- or 4-hour fire rating
  • Tested and Certified to AS1530.4.2005
  • Motorised operation
  • Automatic closure
  • Contains the spread of fire
  • Customisable options