Able Door Products


Able Doors manufacture, sell, repair and service all the doors you might need for:

  • Access control
  • Protection against the elements, and
  • Security and safety

Roller shutters are a very practical and effective way to provide sturdy protection for your premises or property, inside or out. Roller Door/Shutter motors, remote controls and sensor technology make using the larger doors as simple as touching a button. Aesthetic options exist to make a stylish statement where needed, with a range of up to 50 colour finishes. Scroll down and you’ll even find shutters for commercial vehicles. At Able Doors, we’ve got you covered!

Our products are designed and manufactured by us right here in Sydney and wherever possible we support the use of local materials and suppliers. Able Doors offer you the ongoing security of our expertise and longevity in the industry. We’re here to provide you with the best before-and-after sales advice and service on our range of products. We’ll help you make the right choices for what you need and how to best maintain your investment.

Able Doors is your one stop shop for Fire Shutters, Industrial and Car Park Shutters and many other varieties of shutters and roller doors for commercial application. Scroll down to see our wide range and feel free to give us a call on (02) 9757 1877 for a free quote or if you’d like to know more about what we can do or recommend for you.

Steel Roller Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters made strong

An Able steel industrial roller shutter can be fitted in a conventional way (standard mount) or reverse rolled (reverse mount).

Fire Shutters

Industrial Fire Rated Shutters for safety

Fire Rated Roller Shutters are used where there is a high fire danger or open areas where a fire cannot easily be contained. Fire shutters close automatically at a controlled rate when activated to prevent fire from spreading.

Carpark Shutters

Industrial shutters made specifically for high cycle carpark use

Able Car Park Roller Shutters are manufactured in either 50mm or 75mm gauge steel. They can be plain, slotted or perforated.

Windlock Shutters

Industrial Shutters made to withstand high wind areas

Able Windlock shutters protect your assets from harsh winds, an Able windlock shutter is ideal for areas where high winds occur or where winds have caused damage to shutters previously.

Truck Shutters

Shutters made for trucks and utes

Able Truck Shutter can turn an ordinary work vehicle into a mobile workshop. Truck shutters are an attractive way to add security to your vehicle. They allow easy access to compartments and keep all tools and equipment neat and tidy.

Aluminium Shutters*

Light Industrial shutters used mostly on shopfront applications

Can be used in a number of applications, eg, shopping centres, arcades, car parks and modern architecturally-designed homes and buildings near the sea. They can be manufactured in slotted, perforated or solid profiles.

*Aluminium shutters are not manufactured by Able Door Services

Gates (Sliding and Wicket Gates)

Sliding Gates for the front of your premises or wicket gates that provides entrance

Able Gates may be left or right-hand mounted depending on individual needs. Our gates are fully approved to be used as a fire-escape exit (opening out, minimal step down, with single-action lever handle).

Roller Shutter/Door Motors*

Variety of Roller Shutter and Roller Door motors available

Able Door Services can fit all types of access devices to any existing motorised roller shutter.

*Roller Shutter/Door Motors are not manufactured by Able Door Services

Able Finishes

Add some style to your shutters

All Able Shutters come with a standard galvanised finish to guard against rusting. Shutters can be powdercoated during the manufacturing process or electrostatically sprayed on site after installation.

A choice of approximately 50 colours is available.