After extensive development work, a vital and huge new warehouse and distribution hub swung into gear this year. Located roughly 34 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District, Charter Hall’s Wetherill Park Estate, Building 2 is now complete and operational.

In conjunction with property funds group, Charter Hall, Sydney’s dynamic construction & property delivery partner company, Taylor took up the challenge to build and equip this huge 26,464sqm distribution centre.

The facility comprises 24,744sqm of open warehouse space, 1,715sqm of office space, roughly 17,000sqm of external structures and landscaping, and 208 car parking spaces. The large, steel construction project has stimulated jobs and industry in Greater Western Sydney for the past two years, and continues to do so.

The warehouse, on the corner of Victoria and Walter Streets, was designed by Charter Hall to achieve a 5 Star, Green Star rating, but early in 2022, they were delighted to learn they had gone one better and achieved a 6 Star Green Star rating.


With its multi-disciplinary teams, Construction Partnering Company Taylor integrated design, construction and development services across all sectors for this project.

Building 2 is a testament to fine, behind the scenes teamwork, by a veritable host of local builders, tradies, design, construction, excavation and engineering teams, local industrial equipment and materials suppliers, specialised service providers, and many more who came together to build and expand this important, large-scale facility which in turn is now providing an ongoing boost for jobs and large-scale, commercial contracts.


The Warehouse Facility accommodates two, huge, tenantable spaces. Local Sydney manufacturer of steel roller shutters, Able Door Services, was tasked with the important job of supplying and installing 18 x Galvanised Shutters and painting extensive external sections of the building in Charter Hall’s characteristic shade of blue.

Able Door Services manufacture, supply and installs steel shutters for concrete and Galvanised Rolling Shutters in Sydney, for commerce and industry.

Encouragingly for many other trades and businesses like these, the expanding facilities at Wetherill Park are providing ongoing opportunities for the future.



We’ve spoken about the construction side of the equation, but large-scale buildings also bring large-scale tenants.
The bigger of the two buildings in the Charter Hall facility is a sizeable 14,200sqm and it was purpose-built and modified to accommodate the long-term commitment of the high-profile food distribution company, Marley Spoon, and its developing service provider, Dinnerly.

In 2019, Woolworths entered into a strategic partnership with Marley Spoon, a leading global, subscription-based, fresh meal kit provider.

With the expectation of significant growth, due to increased demand for online orders of weekly, pre-packaged meal kits, which are home delivered to customers all around Australia, Marley Spoon secured a 10-year pre-lease agreement with Charter Hall in July 2020. Development and construction commenced for Marley Spoon, on Charter Hall’s Wetherill Park Estate, Building 2.

In mid-2021, supermarket giant Woolworths announced it had been given the go-ahead to build a $400 million, multi-storey, fresh food and chilled distribution centre, also at Wetherill Park, as part of its upgrade to its New South Wales supply chain network.

In December 2021 the distribution centre at Building 2 of Charter Hall’s Wetherill Park Estate was completed and Marley Spoon relocated from its previous premises in Strathfield, into the new facility, to expand its online retail operations and supply a growing demand, stimulated especially by the lockdowns and disruptions of recent years.


Overall, the Smithfield-Wetherill Industrial Estate can boast being one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Wetherill Park is advantageously located near a large number of Woolworths’ stores, suppliers and transport providers, making it an ideal base for its fresh food distribution in NSW.

As a result of such large-scale projects and industries, stimulus and jobs have certainly been created in the area, and it is fair to say there is an expectation of this continuing for years ahead. Here’s to the efforts, hard work and teamwork by the many workers who came together to make all the little wheels turn, so the big wheels can operate more efficiently!